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Our trained admissions advisors are available to answer your questions about the costs, time involved, financing options, and prerequisites for each program. They will help you explore how to create an education plan that fits your individual goals, personal schedule and pocketbook. You can contact an admissions advisor by phone 310-424-9721 Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm or via e-mail 24 hours a day. For a catalog or program information, please click on the program title.

School of Homeopathic Medicine

University of Columbia School of Homeopathic Medicine prepares individuals to address the current demand for alternative medical care. We make earning an alternative health educationexciting and convenient. UoC features innovative online and affiliate clinic-based learning programs that allow students to pursue a degree program in a natural health discipline. If you have ever dreamed of starting a career as a natural health practitioner, this is your opportunity to make that dream come true.

*Homeopathic Medicine Doctor (HMD). 

School of Health Sciences 

Our school of health science will prepare the student to meet the needs of vibrant and dynamic communities. With a degree in health science, the graduate can serve in various laboratory roles within hospitals, health care centers, or private practices. Our online based lectures and weekend laboratory classes will prepare you to enter the exciting field of medical research.

*Doctorate of Science in Health Science (DrHS),

*Master of Science in Health Science (MS),

*Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BS), 

*Associate of Science in Surgical Technology (AST),

*Certified Nurse Assistant.

School of Public Health

A degree in public health with emphasis on homeopathy will prepare the graduate for employment in the health care management and education sectors of governmental, regulatory, and accrediting agencies. The program will prepare the graduate to practice infection control principals as a homeopath while educating others about cutting edge infection control technology. Our program was developed with working professionals in mind, our online based lectures and weekend practical laboratory will prevent disruption of your current busy life. 

*Master of Integrative Medicine in Infection Control (MIM),

*Bachelor of Integrative Medicine (BIM), 

*BLS & CPR.   

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